Is a hoe and takes other peoples chrushes is a Slütt and a stripper but be careful cause when she goes on that pole and open those legs it smells like sea food has hair everywhere and is ugly asf
Fran well

She's a hoe
by Gghfcvn February 08, 2018
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He is the coolest guy ever! He is always happy, positive, kind and he will always help you. He is the best friend you can have. He is bad bickator. He is so creative, knows all songs, have a good opionions and tastes, he is justt uhhh... he is just so unique, so original, soooo he
Anton: holly crap i'm so jealous, Fran is so perfect!
by We da coolest gang March 11, 2020
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en kille som vill ta sitt liv och har ett heroin missbruk
Elias, tjena frans

Frans, heroiiiiin
by WoodiestToast64 September 16, 2020
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They are the most amazing friend and lover you'll ever find. They care about their friends and loved ones to the point that they'll never stop helping them, they're just that loyal. They are creative, even though they don't believe it, but hey! there's more than art to be creative about! They're super clever and smart, their jokes will make you laugh until you're crying (sometimes they're the worst, but I promise it's worth it). Fran's brain is pure mathematics and logic, they always try to challenge themselves. They're good teachers and amazing at cooking, specially desserts and pasta. At bed... gosh, they're beyond anyone else. Their neck kisses might instantly make you cum, they surely know how, when and what to touch. That's when their creativity and hidden abilities shine, you'll never get bored with them around you. You'll experience the most incredible orgasms, but don't get it wrong: they easily get bored if the people isn't interesting enough, they need some time and confidence to reach the "bed" level, and if you judge them by their physical appearance, so will they do. They always say what they think and will never lie or deceive you.
1: I met Fran some year ago, he has become one of the most important people in my life.
2: Oh! Is that so? I want to befriend him too!
1: You won't regret it.
by heystalkerwhatsup September 25, 2018
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Contraction of freckles and tan.

When ONLY your freckles get a tan -and they also become much more numerous.
Perfect suntanned girl:"Hey ginger, where did you get all your new freckles ?"

Redhead skin: "Funny. It's a fucking fran."
by The Freckled Doll June 20, 2014
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A marijuana delivery device. A water- bong or gravity- bong with an apple top as a piece.
Let’s go take some dirty Frans in the bathroom
by Frans boy December 21, 2019
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