a short zebra like person who is much like a whore
dude that fran is so easy to have sex with
by sexytimeer December 06, 2010
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1.(n) a homosexual.

2.(v) to be a homosexual.
1. That fran is wearing womens' jeans.
2. James is such a fran.
3. That is so fran!
1. After a few beers and a back rub Pete will fran up.
by JR Ewing January 12, 2007
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best default dancer in the universe, i bet you can't beat how good he is!
Person 1: wow have you seen him over there?
Person 2: yeah, thats fran! he is such a good default dancer!
Person 1: you were not lying when you were talking about how good he is!
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by tegannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn August 26, 2019
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A dumb tard who likes to make fun of asians (racist) . And is also dating someone 2 years younger than her .
by Can i have yo numbaaaa April 01, 2011
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The biggest bitch who ever lived. She will lead you on like fucking "Hansel and Gretel" and the bread crumbs. She will text you everyday and complain to her friends when you don't say good night or good morning. Also she will scream out her exes name when she's drunk and make you feel like shit, like literally you'll feel awkward and wonder why you're even there. Also this Pokemon evolves and gains a mustache and a few pounds.
Bro 1: "dude I met this girl and we have everything in common like holy shit. There's nothing wrong with her"
Bro 2: "bro careful she might turn out to be a Fran and be the downfall of us all."

Prof: I want to let you know that this Pokemon is very dangerous. This Pokemon will eventually fuck you over. It needs a lot of attention and needs. Not to mention it's gonna evolve into a "Fran". It will grow facial hair and let herself go.
by Mige Colin May 09, 2014
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Short form for Francisco or Francesco. Before even being a female name, it is male by default.It comes from the popular devotion to Saint Francis, who is a italian and male Saint.
large diffusion in Spain and hispanic countries as Francisco's short form, most likely due to the popularity of the singer from the band Travis, Fran, Healy.Due the popularity of the actress Fran Drescher, who uses this name as it was female, USA citizen perceive Fran as a name for girls.
Fran Healy is Travis lead singer
by Frantiki December 04, 2007
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