Just like Helen of Troy, Frans' face can also launched a thousand ships.
You're so handsome, Frans. I rather want to die than not to see your face everyday.
by SeriousGuy07 June 08, 2021
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A Guy with a Hugh cock. Blonde Hair and gets all the ladies. He's very handsome and has Really Nice clothes. HE's GETTING A LOT OF FRIKKIN PUSSY
by Nanfucker420 December 11, 2016
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A guy who likes midgetsex and gay horsecock. He dwells in a dark room while cooming to underage boys. Very likable guy who likes action .
Hey is that frans?
Yeah, kinda gross tbh
by SaltyJon123 June 21, 2021
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To be called a Fran is an honour. Its a word to use instead of Best friend. It means funny, pretty and amazing. It’s somebody you couldn’t live without. If you come across a Fran you are lucky, you will know them for the rest of your life. A Fran is someone who shouldn’t be taken for granted. In a persons life time they may meet one Fran so they should hold on to them.
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by Grace Mapplebeck May 01, 2020
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