The proper term to use for "San Francisco" when you want to annoy uptight "Friscans".
Me: I'm going to a club in Frisco tonight.
Uptight Friscan: Frisco? Nobody from here calls it that! Please use San Francisco
Me: Yah, I love living in Frisco.
Uptight Friscan: Please don't disrespect the city by using that term.
Me: Wow, Frisco sure has great night life - and a lot of anal retentive idiots
by Frisco Guy January 29, 2010
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Fuck you, I call it Frisco. San Francisco born and bred, Western Edition and Mission District. Anyone who says its disrespectful for the city is just trying to be condescending to the person that used the word.

Real San Franciscan: "Man, Frisco is hella tight."
Fake San Franciscan: "Frisco? you must not be from here you retard. Nobody from San Francisco calls it Frisco."

Every other real San Franciscan in the area then beats the fake guy down.
by Matarazzi December 4, 2010
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improper way to abbreviate San Francisco and a sure way to let someone know you aren't from there or spent any real time there.
2 fugitives hiding out under a bridge in The City got caught by police when asked where are they from and one responded "Frisco". The cop stated that "no one in The City calls it Frisco".
by Mr Wall December 31, 2005
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A city in Texas right outside of Dallas. Big houses and a lovely mall. Five star school district and amazing library. Go anywhere else and say you're from "Frisco" be sure to clarify that you meant Frisco, Texas. Not the ghetto slang for San Francisco.
Bob of LA California: where you from, bro?
You: Frisco.
Bob of LA California: *bitch slaps* how dare you disrespect the city like that!
You: -_- i meant Frisco, Texas, bro.
by Amy Jones <--real name xD March 5, 2011
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How real frisco niggas call san francisco.
Only people really from the city call it this. Some people born here wont call it frisco but they suckas not with wit the program.
Aye bluhd we just hit the field we on the way back to frisco roll up a wood nigga
by $TakingChances$ July 22, 2019
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Suburb about 15 miles north of Dallas where there is a lot of new money and large houses. Cost of living isn't outrageous; like paying $3,500+ to live in a loft downtown Dallas where your fucking car gets broken into.
A: Dude, why the fuck do you live in Frisco?
B: Cause im tired of walking over bums outside of my overpriced downtown loft, and getting shit stolen out of my car!
by moondoggie December 29, 2005
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Californiese slang for San Francisco, the place where no one can afford to both work and live. It's one of those few Californiese slangs that people from other places learn to say, thinking it will make them sound like they've actually been to California, and the one that San Franciscans refuse to say, because they resent being Californiese. As foggy as Frisco is, they still haven't the foggiest idea what to be; they're simply sure that Californiese isn't it.

"Frisco" originated during the California Gold Rush, when people were too busy trying to make their fortunes to pronounce all the syllables that the Spanish missionaries had thought place names needed. The Spanish originally named it San Francisco de Asís, but that was just impractical.
Only people who can afford not to work can afford to live in Frisco. Anyone who works there lives some place like San Jose or Santa Rosa. In turn, those displace so many people in San Jose and Santa Rosa that anyone working in those cities can't afford to live there, and live some place like Ukiah or Modesto instead, making sure that California's prime agriculture land gets paved over with tracts of homes that sit empty all day long until the owners come back at night, after one hella miserable one or two hour commute, and pretend to live there.
by Downstrike August 11, 2005
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