Such an amazing person, drop dead gorgeous. She’s so bright and bubbly she can make you smile even when your at you worst. She always puts on a brave face and puts others needs before her own. If she ever tells you how she feels, you are very lucky because then you know she trusts you, so you should listen to what she has to say. If she ever loves you, respect her and treat her like a queen because she absolutely deserves it, never give up on her, show her you care and she will make you feel like the happiest person on earth.
Frans are simply unbelievably beautiful, you would be frozen in awe at how someone so beautiful exists!

Frans are simply amazing
I Love you Fran <3
by Benjamin J Doyle April 27, 2019
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Codename for a guy who has a constant urge to fuck your mother.
Has an abnormally small and malformed penis with with abundant foreskin. But that doesn’t stop the dirty fucker from trying.
Hallili l-mummy man kemm int haq alla Frans!
Leave my mom alone, man, you’re such a Frans!
by Merduq Malti January 19, 2018
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Frans is smoking hot looking guy who is smart, friendly and very good at speaking girls. Frans also knows what he is doing in the bed and he is such a good lover.
Why there is so many girls around that guy?
Ouh his name is Frans
by Soehnle October 23, 2018
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loud and earrapes even though he is metres away from the mic. he lives in the jungle and he is very fat. the sweet smell of science ( ahhhhhhhhhhhh)
frans is fat
by hasagay June 16, 2020
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Fran is a thieving twat. 90% Russian and 0% cool. Fran is a language wizard but has zero conversational skills. She tries to be cool but you know how it is. Fran was born in loserville and educated in twat town. Stupid bloody orthodox.
I hate people and the world”

Oh you are such a FRAN
by KurtanPole January 28, 2020
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Normally Swedish, Frans is known as a gay freak who doesn’t leave his house
You see frans no one wants to be like him
by Shoeburyness highschool May 08, 2019
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