Undiagnosed alcoholic and chronic white girl dancer. Hide your netflix, your cigs and keep tabs on her at all times - she’s a girl gone wild but she’s got a golden heart and never stops spitting bars.
Friend 1: Hey guys where’s Fran?
Friend 2: Dunno. Think I last saw her chundering in the loo with Grace. She told me to get bread ASAP rocky.
by Dumbledorebadboi123 May 28, 2019
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A boy who belongs to nothing. He lives in the Netherlands, but can't speak Dutch. He is half Norwegian but doesn't look like someone from norway. Also his name is Frans (which means French), but obviously he is not French or doesn't have anything related to France. A Frans usually sucks at table tennis and hooks up with special type of girls (not going into detail).
G*dverdomme Frans
by Mysterious woman December 11, 2019
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a fake friend who is now your friend or wants to be your friend/fan
omg she is such a Frans now that i am tiktok famous. I cant believe she wants to be my friend now. She was so fake before.
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by Reigns of the Knight March 04, 2020
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