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Being aware of nonces in your local area and knowing which celebrities are nonces.
"Im talking nonce scence"
"That liitle boy was thinking nonce scence"
by Adam Clarke August 06, 2004
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Kappa-Slappa is a female townie/chav. They have long hair tied back extremely tight and have at least three piercings in each ear. They also wear soverign rings, one for each finger which are accompanied by smaller rings. Trademark jewellery is the hideous clown pendent worn around the neck.
Clothing is sportswear like male chavs and they wear heavy make-up. They will have tatoos and most will either be pregnant or would have already had a baby. Every single one is sexually active and have a thing for violent hooligans who deal drugs and steal cars.
Common in town centres and dodgy streets and are often seen with their male counterparts drinking cider and smoking weed. Most are aged between 12-19 and most younger ones (12-15) date men in their late twenties who are in the Army.
Prime enemy is the Gothic/Greb girl who wears all black. Despite wearing too much jewellery and make-up some Kappa-Slappas can be attractive compared to Gothic/Greb girls however most Kappa-Slappas cannot pronounce words very well and swear so that is the big put off plus when it comes to relationships they are hard to trust and will cheat on anyone they date but this is usually done t the same time as their boyfriend is cheating on them.
"Shut it oor i get me boyfriend who'll f***** smak ya in da face"
"I hate that b**** am gonna smak ha coz she keeps starin at my lad"
"Look at dat mingin goff b**** am gonna smak ha"
by Adam Clarke August 09, 2004
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Political Ideology following the traits and beliefs of clowns. Clownism promotes cars with doors that fall off and a large production of custard pies as well as big red noses and silly clothes.
Clownism isnt respected and isnt adopted by any country except there has been talk of all the worlds clowns uniting together and taking over Ohio in the U.S. they will take Ohio, rename it JOKEHIO and make its leader Bippo the Clown supreme lord.
"One Nation, One People, One Supreme Clown"
"Clowns of the world unite under Bippo"
"No Clown will let the enemy set foot in Jokehio!"
by Adam Clarke August 12, 2004
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A tribe from the New Zealand television show "The Tribe". Mainly wear black and silver clothing and have silver face paint on.
They live in an old warehouse and at a cemetary. Arch rivals are the Locos
"Strays on our turf dogs!"
by Adam Clarke August 09, 2004
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A character from the BBC3 animation who used her daughters disappearence to become a celebrity.
It can also be used as a euphenism for people who try to gain personal fame off their missing child whether the child is a son or daughter e.g. Kate McCann
"Gissa job! I'll do anything! Lezza stuff, barnyard sex, anal, Ready Steady Cook, anything!" - Fran Chappell
by Adam Clarke September 07, 2007
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The Hopper is a strange child seen in school yards. The Hopper is only friends with the dinnerladies but The Hopper craves attention.
The Hopper will go up to the largest group of thugs/bullies/hooligans and say a disgusting lie about THEMSELVES in order to get beaten up. The Hopper will also ask people to beat him up because its attention.
The Hopper is rare and only found in 1/5 schools but once secondary school has finished The Hopper will disappear from view and most people will never see them again.
To Bullies:-
"I shagged a budgie!"
"If you dont beat me up your gay"
"I want to stick my tongue in my mummys mouth then poo in it"
by Adam Clarke August 26, 2004
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