having brittle bones, always limpin' around complaining about how hard things are and his frailness
Jay Hughes brittle bones break every time he breathes.
Matt B. became Mr. Frail for a day when he was beaten by the king of all frails Jay Hughes.
by King Frail December 14, 2005
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Somebody, usually a boy, who always backs out of plans for some other reason, but says he is 'visiting his uncle in Wales' when he is actually going to the hairdressers to have his hair trimmed shampooed straightened and styled.
Me: I know, lets invite Rob!
Friend: No, Rob's frail, he would rather spend his time trying to climb back up Jess's arse crack, he doesn't care about us.
Me: Dude, lame.
by OhWowThatsRandom April 27, 2008
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