People John Wick needs help from.
If you haven't drawn the conclusion that fortniters are mentally ill and we should ignore/ostracize them, it's probably because they ate all the crayons you were trying to draw with.
by AlterLynx 2 October 17, 2018
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Group of people which someone may call wrong about everything, for example someone love Xbox but the person hears that more people prefer PlayStation, that person would call the PlayStation fans Fortniters.
“So many Fortniters in the world, it’s obvious that the Xbox is better”
by SlimeMan101 October 28, 2018
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a popular shooter game that people in my school wont shut the fuck up about.
hey jimmy wana play FORTNITE?
by billswift March 16, 2018
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A game that commonly causes men to lose their girlfriends because the game gets more attention from the man than they do.
My homeboy just lost his girl because of fortnite
by So Fuckn Precious February 10, 2018
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A game played by virgins who get turned on by the female character’s ass
You haven’t fucked a girl yet?

No but I played fortnite does that count?
by eddymendoza February 12, 2018
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The game that broke 2018 and is stealing your mans
Girlfriend: “babe what do you care more about now? This game or me?”
Boyfriend: “fortnite? Tf kind of question is this”
by TheLoyalMan February 12, 2018
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A disability that affects kids ages 8-18 and some adults
by Ben_s2004 April 17, 2018
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