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Originated at 5150 studio, CA. It's when you got something for cheap, but you have hella of that product on the discount.
Who got the cheapest treez in town?

Them 5150 niggas got it For The Low !
by Drew Merkz April 21, 2010
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selling something for less then it cost because they just need the money
thug: aye my nigg* i'm trying to sell this iphone.
other thug: for the low?
thug: aha, alright i just want the money.
by waterboy_92 August 22, 2012
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Originated in Red Lake, MN because everyone there is too fucken cheap to buy anything at full price.
"Yo cuz, know of anybody selling a phone with minutes for the low?"

"Damn, didn't you just sell your Obama phone for the low the other day?"
by Savvy17 January 10, 2017
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