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a automobile that has an altered frame to lower the suspension thus lowering the car closer to the ground. many rappers use "low low" instead so they may keep their rhyme scheme intact while still having the same meaning as low rider.
we in that low low we do it the cali way
by princton April 16, 2007
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Genesis is The Kind of girl You Can Not Keep Off Your Mind Genesis is Loyal To The Soil Genesis is A Girl Who makes you laugh so hard you cry She is very Cool ‘ Sweet And Laid Back She Is So Fun To Be Around Genesis is Unstoppable in Every Way Possible Genesis leaves Marks on people hearts forever Genesis is Gorgeous inside out With Her Flawless Smile And Breathtaking Eyes And Who’s Energy is loved by real ones The One Person On This Planet Who Can Make You Feel A Instant Feeling Of Happiness With One Word Or A Look A Girl U Can Admire For Her Amazing Strength Incomparable To Any Other Person In This Entire Universe If You Have A Genesis Keep Her In Your Life You Will Never Find Another Like her She’s One In A Million Dude
Princton - Wow who is that

Jamar-Oh that’s genesis dude

Princton - Shes gorgeous man
by princton July 17, 2020
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