Getting out done, out smarted, out witted by someone.
"You have tremendous stamina to speak," said Jay Byrd to his wife. The former diplomat just realised she got schooled by husband-absorbing-too-much-diplomacy when she read between the lines to know it wasn't a compliment and he actually said, "You talk too much."
by SonyaSingh July 5, 2017
As When A Person Gets Tricked Or Catfished
When You (Online Date) And the person (Catfishes) You . Someone says. AW MAN YOU GOT SCHOOLED SON!
by Iantheone March 20, 2018
When it Sunday
Friend: bruh tomorrow is Monday
Me: Fuck, a nigga really got school tomorrow?
Friends: ye
Me: bruh
by Me, I’m him October 9, 2019