When a person who is hating on you but might be admiring you at the same time..
You say you dont like me but you Teaming me bitch by trying to be me.
by Nizza55112 January 31, 2010
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the not so plain text of getting swatted
aiden: Yo i just finished with the swat teams i think i just got teamed by someone
by jarodhiggins December 22, 2021
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A fabled creature that exists in legends and myths, non-existent in real life. Usually used to describe inept or incompetent entities.
OMG, I literally 1v5 and won us the game, my team didn’t even exist!

My team? Oh, you mean the 0/17 feeders? Yeah, they were totally useless.
by AbominationX November 11, 2017
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Together Everyone Accomplishes More
It takes a team to get it done.
by MPDwife June 8, 2015
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The first song that plays on Apple Music when you connect your phone to your car– always.
Kelly: Oh look The A Team is playing again.
Ri: It's almost surreal...
by Dbastro December 3, 2017
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A word where there is supposedly no I in
There is no I in team
by there's I in tiem October 3, 2014
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a group of people mainly a guy and a list of numerous women whom he may have sex with not at the same time of course. they're just women he has sex with or could have sex with at any given time
Guy's Buddy: damn famo she thick as hell

Guy: yeah but she dumb as fuck tho so you already know she on my team right?
by Infamous Odyssey July 5, 2009
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