TEAM is another way to say "Everybody but me." It's popular in corporate environments where an asshole wants work done, but doesn't want to do it, but wants to seem like they want to. Therefore they start their email with "TEAM"
Here's an example email text:


I need you to do x."
by burned_by_team November 10, 2009
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A convenient label for any individual or group whose research supports the Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax (i.e. every National Science Academy in the world); useful insofar as not having to explain how such a massive conspiracy works in practice.
Richard: "A new MIT study confirms human activity is the main driver of global warming."
Andrew: "They must be the newest recruits to The Team."
by ThePowerofX (2) September 5, 2011
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A word where there is supposedly no I in
There is no I in team
by there's I in tiem October 3, 2014
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Together Everyone Accomplishes More
It takes a team to get it done.
by MPDwife June 8, 2015
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the people you always roll with basically your crew or click
im rollin deep to the club wit my team
by a cizzle June 15, 2005
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to be part of another group of people, working togeter
there is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in "pie", and there is an "I" in "meat pie" so techniqly there is an "I"
by shaun gardner July 23, 2006
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Together Everyone Acheives More
by C-Lo November 8, 2003
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