Famo is a term of endearment for those closest to you in your social network, whether friends, family, or those from your hood.
Wad up Famo, what you got on the drinks?
by $*JHill*$ October 15, 2005
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a small leprichaun male like creature whos only weakness is weed.
the boys and famo cruised to the park and reefed till there eyes poped out
by tg August 22, 2003
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white kid who wants to be black; wigger.
"Hey famo, you're white!"
by j-reb January 27, 2009
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My Rich Homies Who Chill are such good famo!
by garnellingfamo July 2, 2016
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A word you say when you sexualize your family member but you don't mean it.
My sleep schedule is messed up my mom told to come sleep with her tonight. No Famo
by vwalrus March 21, 2019
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Another term for family or friend of family.
Famoo come wit me to Da store? I need dat money you owe me!
by DMACLEGITAF December 18, 2018
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