a name for someone you fancy of your girl friend
by gob shite March 14, 2005
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When someone just smacked crossed the line, and is pushing your button to the last straw. You are basically telling the person that if they go one step further you are going to fuck them up and not give a sh*t because they had it coming.
Tiffany: “It’s not MY problem, I made you upset by posting fake shit about you on Facebook.”
Monique: “We are not going to make this about you. Delete those post or I’m calling the cops and you're getting fucked.”
Tiffany: “No, like I give a fuck.” *gets on iPhone to talk more sh*t behind your back*
Monique: “Oh yeah!? Try me BITCH!”
by Star Joker June 7, 2014
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When you do too much heroin and believe your a sheep.. Your shear purpose is to annoy and berate your girlfriend into giving you a blowjob.
I don't want you to get me Wendy's and a blunt, I just want you to shear me bitch!
by Mattwest June 7, 2015
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Who want it wit me cause guess what its me bitches
by ^OREO^ November 16, 2007
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its a pretty faboola sayin dat means come with me.
me-oi jamie roll with me bitch!
by battyboi October 3, 2006
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this is a term used when somebody is trying to fuck with you , or start a fight. and you think they're a joke. so you say sike me bitch. aka - come at me bro.
some girl comes up to you ,and sayss letss gooo hoeee.

you turn around , as you walking down the hallway, and you say sike me bitch!!
by aarionashley February 16, 2012
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A woman who wants male approval. Who usually blames you for her guy looking at you or courting you
This other Pick-mE-bitch told me to wear a longer skirt because her man was looking at me
by Sheisyema July 21, 2021
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