Conor McGregor-"Get the fook outta here! You dooin nootin! You dooin fookin nootin! Not one of ya's is dooin nootin!"
by HushSmush July 21, 2017
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A flirt, or someone who is often playful. A fook, or someone who is “fooky”, shares many characteristics as a “player”, but a fook wouldn’t necessarily cheat on someone.
He was such a fook; he gets every girl that he wants.

I don’t have feelings for him, I just have a fooky personality so he thought that I liked him.
by Hope_7 March 10, 2022
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Jeremy Stephens: "I'm the hardest hitting 145er here. I knock guys out and they don't fucking move."
McGregor: "Who the fook is that guy? Who the fook is that?"
by The Notorious AG September 6, 2017
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A variation of the word "Fuck", favoured primarily by male First Nations people living in large urban centres in central and western Canada. Often, the word is paired with a limp 'raising of both arms' in a helpless manner, so as to further demonstrate the mild frustration of the speaker.
*The parking spot Jim has found in which he wants to parallel park his pickup truck is too small. After exiting the vehicle and examining the situation* "Fook"

*Eric gets demoted in CoD* "Fook"

*Marty fails his AP Chemistry test* "Fook"
by NantooKK December 27, 2011
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Awhhh fook i left my phone with my ex
by Favmadz February 21, 2019
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1.The Irish Pronunciation of fuck

2.The way posh English girls try to stay polite by pretending they are not swearing.
1.Fir fooks sake

2.fook one has spilled ones pims
by John E.D. March 18, 2004
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They are known as "Fook" (Luck and Wealth), "Luk" (Happiness and Recognition) and "Sau" (Longevity).
by Rene Fritzsche January 31, 2004
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