To partake in a worktime dubie.

See also Fat McGregskie
Hey ..did you bring a McGregor to work today.

See also Fat McGregskie
by tbone7607 September 14, 2008
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The term used to describe the hideous, vaginal bulge often spotted in obese and older women. A McGregor is particularly noticeable in tight trousers; "dustbin bag full of yoghurt" is a good metaphor for this phenomenon.

The McGregor often conceals a pork pie.
"I would have shagged her, but I was worried that her wobbling McGregor might crush my cock completely."

"If you continue eating at such a rate, you'll soon find a monster McGregor stretching the seems of your underwear."
by ekul November 11, 2007
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To aggressively trash talk someone into submission.
Before playing Monopoly, John was McGregoring his friend Kevin with extreme prejudice!

The 11 year old became very Notorious for McGregoring on Call of Duty.
by Not_Lemonade August 15, 2017
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A mythical 6’4 traveler Scott McGreggor is known to get a statistically improbable number of airline seat upgrades.

To McGregor Upgrade is to poor on the charm till the gate agent moves you to a nice seat with additional legroom. The critical part to complete a McGregor is to post this opulence on a social media platform for all to see!

For a properly McGregored upgrade to count, the additional legroom must be aparant in your posting, the image must convey the status others flying are not enjoying!
Bumped to an exit row, I McGregored the shit out of this trip to Uspsa nationals!
by World traveler! April 19, 2018
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1) To be beaten up whenever you aggravate/talk to/see, breathe in the vicinity of people.

2) To be violently attacked in any situation, including those in which you aren't actually involved in
I yelled at some chavs the other day but they Mcgregored my mate instead
by CaptainLingo September 13, 2010
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The bits of fluff from socks that get stuck inbetween toes when a person doesn't wash their feet for a couple days.
"You need a wash, look at your McGregors"
by Clean Toes March 23, 2008
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When you get an erection while trash-talking some one to their face.
Yo is that Eddie across the street jaw-jacking that other dude right up in his grill?

Sho is, and he got a Boner McGregor. That's straight gangsta!
by Irwin R. Scheister Jr. August 26, 2017
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