When One Has A Lot Of Money, Women, And A Good Life
Ex: The Deposit Just Hit, I’m Going To The Club! I’m Luk Right Now!

Ex: By The Summer I’m Going To Be Luk To The Brim!
by iamlcdii2 October 17, 2019
When you 'Like' or 'Love' someone but don't want to say it, so use the word 'Luk' instead.
I luk you.
by Tango321 May 26, 2010
Luk means let you know. It is similar to lmk (let me know), but not very common.
John: When are you completing that assignment?
Me: I'll luk when I finish it.
by CaillouKatBoy June 21, 2020
someone uncool: *says literally nothing*
cool chad dukes: yeah thats what we call a luk
someone uncool: :(
by dcasfasfadsgdsagdsgdsgds February 6, 2019
A drunk LUL. Like LUL but you drank too much and can't type.
by Briannna May 14, 2021
Literally means "half child" in thai. A person whose parents are of two different races. Most commonly used to refer to people with a thai and farang(western) parent.
Whoa check out that luk kreung he/she is smokin' hot!
by xanderwat July 7, 2006
Selfish person who is sensitive and hot.
They look serious but are actually crazy.
Great lovers but get bored fast and change partners fast.
They have big penises
-Jean-luk is so selfish but... He is still the hottest.
by Momimila June 18, 2016