Any phallic item that resembles either a finger or a penis.
Tom: "Could you please hand me that fonger."
Brandon: "I'm sorry, I don't beleive I know what you are talking about."
Tom: "That cordless telephone handset that looks like a finger, could I please have it."
by The Grabulator August 20, 2006
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Someone thinks he/she is important (like co-founder), but actually just at the bottom of the food chain
She is a fonger.
by MichaelAtl November 25, 2008
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a person who rubs their cock on someones face
want me to fonger u
by pimpizzle October 10, 2003
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Those fongers sure do know how to make sushi!
by john j December 3, 2003
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When fingers get to a certain size, either through fatness, swelling or illness, they become fongers.
Clare is skinny. She has nice delicate fingers.

John is 237 pounds over his ideal weight. He has fongers.
by edgesync November 25, 2014
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someone who licks their own asshole
u fong urself so therefore u r a fonger
by spud June 1, 2003
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When your fingers are too fat for the keyboard.
Was that spellcheck or your fongers?
by Newhumon February 4, 2021
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