(noun) a person who is short and is of foreign origin by birth, usually native to Asia.

Etymology: an Asian immigrant = "FRESH OFF the BOAT", abbreviated "FOB" + "Hobbit", coined by J.R.R. Tolkien to mean "a member of a fictitious peaceful and genial race of small humanlike creatures that dwell underground"
My fobbit friend is good in math.
by Sean Sotelo February 13, 2004
Human being who need a lot of help and the only way they think they can accomplish it is by asking. They have no shame in seeming like idiots simply because they are too ignorant to see it. This term degrades those who do not know much and is pretty rude.
The fobbits ruined my dinner.
by Darkwithdesire April 18, 2006
Somebody who lives on Facebook, a Facebook hobbit, thus fobbit. Every pejorative form of the traditional use of fobbit is implied.
Selfies. All that thot does is selfies on facebook. She claims they are "cute", but wtf is "cute" about hanging your tits out in a sexually suggestive "selfie" or your sweater udders?! That bitch a fobbit.
by subsidence June 17, 2018
A fobbit is essentially a fabulous hobbit.In other words a hobbit that is so laddleit can only be acurately described as a fobbit.
Crouching fobbit; hidden weinus is a powerful and deadly kung-fu style.
by ill jesus March 31, 2005
A name given to some Security Forces troops in iraq because the abbreviation SF worn on the sleeve. A super fobbit is someone who never leaves the Forward Observation Base (FOB)
Look at the Super Fobbitss in the tower enjoying their air conditioner.
by loki the if October 12, 2008
A FOBBIT is a person that pretends to be higher than its actual size, they tend to cope with this fake reality and never accept the true. They also have the tendency to talk over music when people are listening to it and gets bullied for it. HATED BY THE CHAT.
there goes the FOBBIT denying its true height although its true size is 4 feet 11 inches.
by KLKguru February 12, 2021