1. When someone goes on a shooting spree, such as Columbine or Virginia Tech.

Coined when in 1966 when the University of Texas tower sniper shooting happened, one of the first and deadliest mass shootings, which the shooter went "in (top of the) the tower" and shot random people on the ground.

2. When someone loses their head and does something crazy and/or that they regret, violent or non-violent.

Someone in the tower may hurt themselves and/or others.
1. The Columbine shooters were in the tower when the massacre happened.

2. -"I just blew $10000 in Vegas"
-"You were in the tower, time to get out"

Jocks who bully students are in the tower.

Someone who makes up a cover story to get his/her own way is in the tower.

If you're lonely and depressed, you might be in the tower.

A self-mutilator is in the tower.

A heroin addict is in the tower.

Abusive parents are in the tower.

Dubya is in the tower.

War veterans who turn to drinking after returning to the US are in the tower.

People who drive without a license or insurance are in the tower.

One who cheats on income tax is in the tower.

Criminals and gangbangers are in the tower.

Wildfire victims are in the tower.

Stress at work can cause somoene to temporarily be in the tower.

Stiffler's in the tower, especially when he fucks the grandma.

Maybe we're all in the tower at some points in our lives.
by ticket tower June 12, 2007
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A computer's CPU, often shaped like a small tower.
There's something wrong with the slot on the tower. My CD-ROM got stuck.
by pentozali January 21, 2009
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Biggest bbg to exist so sexy has the biggest of legs and admirable body.
Dilara“Have you seen that tower last night!!”
Gorilla”ye ye tower was good in bed last night”
by Tower. March 3, 2021
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The past tense of making a one block wide tower in the game Minecraft.
While Steve was mining downward, he forgot to make a ladder. So he towered to get out.
by Sir Doctor November 17, 2013
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Going into a store and stacking items in the middle of the aisle forming a tower. You then take a picture next to the tower with your hands in a point above your head.
dude we went towering this weekend and it was so much fun, we almost got kicked out of the store.
by sully4295 December 21, 2011
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When you, or someone else, is incredibly drunk, stoned, or both...
"How towered were you last night??" "You towered yet?"
"Oh I'm so towered already"
by Foam Fans August 29, 2006
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