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It's the three letters that are most likely on your zipper right now. It's the Japanese zipper brand that is so well and cheaply made that it cannot be knocked off because knock off brands will be more expensive and more inferior. If you ain't got YKK on your zipper you ain't shit.
"Ima show you how to wild out like Jack Trippa
Let me bambino on you snippas
YKK on yo zippa
Lick you like a lizard" -Outkast "so fresh so clean"
by PH3 January 14, 2009
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The current corporate incarnation of Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha, the Japanese zipper zaibatsu.
by Mark July 01, 2003
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The ambiguous entity, that no one in the world has heard of, yet this entity supplies the world with the wonderful, sometimes pain inducing, invention only known as, zippers.

2. What's engraved on your jeans zipper right know.
Guy 1: Hmm...I never noticed this, but my zipper says YKK on it..

Guy 2: ...And? Who gives a fuck....and who the fuck is YKK?
by Tai June 30, 2003
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abreviation for the city of Yokosuka japan ,used by young locals and few Gaijin,s that are down with the local slang.
1-Yo whats up baka gaijin , whats u doing in tha YKK.

2- Man i had a blast in tokyo but i cant wait to get back o the YKK
by drunksailor July 30, 2008
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it is found on zips and we discovered that it stands for you kick kyle
kyle is wag wag, lets ykk
by Dr J. Monroe March 30, 2005
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