A form of fungus that grows under the ball sack.
there is a heep load of manicotti under my ball sack.
by CampFireGuy July 16, 2010
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a dance that is often expressed during a drunken spell. often followed or preceded by the linguine or rotini pasta dances. and at one point was expressed to the philadelphia soul arena football team.
OH SHIT! that girls doin the manicotti! and there's the linguine!!!
by amber. June 19, 2008
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A nickname for one descendant of a Prescotti, full of cheese, and rather boisterous.
(at a lunch table) "Scoot down... make way for the Prescotti Manicotti!"
by Weezo2 February 7, 2010
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after performing a dick lasagna on a woman, the man proceeds to slap her upper lip with his unit leaving a semen residue. known as a manicotti mustache.
yo, i was doing a dick lasagna on my bitch last night and she decided that i would give her a manicotti mustache.
by Flama blanca November 27, 2010
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A foursome which involves three men and a woman. The woman is on her period and has a yeast infection. Two penetrate the woman vaginally at the same time and one penetrates in the anus.
John, Paul, and Doug had a manicotti mess with Barb and vomited afterwards from disgust.
by Spence dogg February 19, 2009
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