1. A group of people or a crew that one has no respect for.
You and your group of flunkies aint nothing but a bunch of chickenheads.
by Asa Lee November 25, 2005
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Or a gullible person or a low level person out of your crew
call your flunkies there is a problem
by Shemesh December 02, 2019
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Being a Flunkie consists of flunking tests.
This Flunkie failed all these university entrance tests.
by Epic Jones ROLEY October 08, 2019
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A person who does anything someone says to do like a bitch
Kinaya-Can you carry this

Dawson-yeah sure
Kinaya-bitch you a flunky
by Oh word April 23, 2020
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A person who lives there life through another person (host).

Is tasked with jobs of low importance such as booking lunches, carrying shopping bags, or just tagging along with hosts(who they are the flunky of) on their errands.

Hosts will take their flunkies shopping for their advice, but ultimately discount their opinion anyway.

Usually of single status.

Can be well dressed, however may make subtle fashion offences - hence requring input from there host.
Fang: Hey Quynh, how come Rob always goes shopping with you.

Quynh: Cos he's my flunky!
by SkinnyCap March 14, 2010
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