1)A sports fan who blindly idolizes a particular athlete in spite of this athlete's obvious failure/figurative or literal homosexuality.

2)Back in the day, a butler or male house slave.

3)A submissive homosexual male (or, more unusually, a mentally disabled heterosexual man) who is kept as a sex slave, usually in a tiny box or cage by a dominant homosexual male. This particular type of manservant is usually forced to wear a leather S&M suit/hood, and usually has a very bushy Village People mustache. Also see The Gimp.
1)Jesus, dude! Joey Bluekies was 5 for 22 for 47 yards for the whole game, yet you're still just his little manservant, aren't you?

2)Tell my manservant that I'll be taking coffee an hour earlier than usual this morning.

3)Bob passed out drunk the other night and Jane and I were like, "let's snoop around his house." So we find this wooden box in his basement with a sliding lock on the OUTSIDE! We were like, "what the hell?" We open it and there's this guy inside wearing a dog collar and leather hood with a zipper over the mouth! We were freaking out! Jane unzipped the dude's mouth and he goes, "Me bad?" We both screamed and got the hell out of there fast. Can you believe that Bob has a manservant in his basement!?
by CoolHandChris December 13, 2004
A character in the original Romeo and Juliet who was a main character and caused an affair between Benvolio and the Prince. Erased from the original to avoid people going back in time to hurt or maim Shakespeare.

Also used to describe someone who was the cause of an affair.
You cheated on me with her?? That manservant!!!! :(
by Benvolio January 7, 2006
A cock. Just a cock. Everyone knows this.
"Strange - your manservant is only six inches tall."
by Lost Cookie August 16, 2017
A boyfriend who serves their girlfriend as a Butler and is treated like total shit in their relationship.

Slang for Manservant
Geez man I can't believe you're a Manserve. I feel real bad for you.
by Bloop.... July 14, 2019
1. Someone who is filthy/unclean and is owned by a fellow person of the same sex, inwhich he has to there bidding unquestionably.

2. A general insult to people with no friends, impliying they take it up the chuffer.

Also 'Manservant' is not to be confused with 'Manslag', as a manservant has no sex with the opposite sex.
"Leon is a right Sackward-facing manservant ."

"Yeah he loves it up the shitter!"
by jakeBow56 February 7, 2009
The uncanny ability of some men to not notice, quickly forget or fail to react/respond to what is going on around them.
The child fell down the stairs and the house was in an uproar under the manservation of my husband. Meaning, my husbands brilliant response to the situation was to stay where he was, observe the resulting chaos and do nothing and inform no one. (p.s. The child is fine and lots of hugs and kiss were provided by the quick responding mother)
by Namaste_lfk September 21, 2017