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1. To wrap a person or pet with something fluffy so that that person or pet becomes a giant fluffy object.

Originates from Mr. Fluff from Kirby's Epic Yarn video game for the Wii. In that game, when Mr. Fluff or Kirby touches a snowball, he ends up being stuck inside of a giant rolling snowball. Thus, before a person picks up and throws his/her partner into a snowball to cause that partner to become a giant snowball, he/she must shout: "I will flufflez you!"

2. A soft edible food (such as ice cream or whip cream) that you put on other food (usually a waffle).
Allen flufflez Erica's dog, Zoey, with a comfy blanket.

I want some flufflez on my wafflez, please.
by Flufflez 'n Wafflez Inc December 24, 2010
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