Three definitions

1. A girl who is sweet as marshmallow fluff, and always ends up breaking your heart.

2. A girl whose kisses taste like marshmallow fluff.

3. A girl with soft ample breasts that feel like "fluffy pillows."
Definition One

Ex 1

Friend: "Stay away from her, dude, she's worse than a ho, she's a Fluffle-O who uses everybody she meets."

Ex 2

Sister: "I hate to talk trash about my sis but she's a total Fluffle-O. Every lover she's ever had wanted to commit suicide in the end."


Definition Two

Ex 1

Guy: "Dude, I spent so much time sucking face with that Fluffle-O that I ended up with diabetes."

Ex 2

Girl: "She tastes like such a Fluffle-O that she makes me want to turn lesbo."


Definition Three

Ex: 1

Lover: "There were no pillows in the guest house so I used my Fluffle-O instead and slept like a baby."

Ex 2

Lover: "I really miss my Fluffle-O. My new girl is a totally flat jock and when I cuddle with her, it feels like my head is resting on a rock."

by Tiffany Massey February 16, 2009
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