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An IRC/IM emote term representing a playful, non-sexual sign of affection.

The usual physical analogy is a ruffling of someone's hair, though in the medium of text-based electronic communication, the term does not require physical form and remains equally valid as an abstraction.

Indeed, at the very highest level of abstraction, a fluffle not only need not have a physical analogue, but need not be directed at a specific individual. Used in this way (3), fluffling becomes a general outward radiation of affection.
1) * Tactical_Grace fluffles Unfree

2) Random_Player > Fluffles to all :)

3) * Unfree fluffles
by Tactical Grace June 11, 2005
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A space opera is a grand epic drama or adventure set in a distant sci-fi future. What precisely fits into this genre is notoriously difficult to define, as it appears to encompass everything from Star Trek to the Culture universe.
'Excession' (Iain M Banks), 'A Fire Upon The Deep' (Vernor Vinge) and 'Second Foundation' (Isaac Asimov) are instantly recognisable as space operas.
by Tactical Grace June 12, 2005
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