3 definitions by Jayzie

A person who updates their twitter or facebook account all the time, even when on the toilet or "pot." This would also be the couchpotato version of a tweeter. Someone who does nothing or little else.

Pronounced like a combination of potato and twitter. po' twitter
I can't believe I know everything about you. You're such a potwitter.
by Jayzie May 22, 2009
To wave something around to attract the attention of others. To brandish
He wanted to make sure everyone knew how awesome he is, so Sam flourished the bottle of expensive wine for all to see.
by Jayzie November 21, 2013
Out of the realm of what is considered normal - almost to the extreme. Can be used to express an excessive amount of another word - both adjective, verb and noun. Obscene awesomeness. Obscene waterskiing. Obscene hairdo.
Expression as to whether this is a good thing or bad thing is taken in the context.
Dude, did you see the booty on that chick - it was obscene (in this case, defines as big).

The obscene awesomeness of this party is wreaking havoc with my brain.
by Jayzie October 11, 2007