A particularly lame odd state of existence.
"His giggling protuberances make him a flompy bastard"
by matthew C. mccarty October 6, 2008
An individual with abnormally large breasts. A rack that forces you to rethink the law of gravity. A set of twins that make the McGuire brothers look skinny.
Here man take these sunglasses -- that flompy with the huge headlights is walking up.
by blueberryboy8991 August 5, 2020
1) a very purple happy dino-octopus that walks down the street in a generally pleasing manner.
2) a different name for a smoking pipe called the pot-ness-monster that a few of the guests misinterpreted as the "flompy dompster"
1) "Dude, look at that flompy dompster" "Oh man, now I am in a good mood!!!"
2) "What is it called again?" *cough cough cough cough cough* "The Pot-ness-Monster" "Oh" *cough cough cough* "Flompy Dompster?"
by flompusdompus56 December 29, 2010
Person 1: Hey did you see that Flompy yesterday?
Person 2: Why didn't you tell me about it!
by Hydramadness312 May 15, 2022