Someone who is disliked by a person or the public because they lack any credibility or/and tries to be remain relevant within certain circles but comes across as a moron.
That four eyed purple headed warrior of a journalist is the biggest flog associated with the AFL.
by HirdyLannister September 25, 2013
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An Australian variation of 'wanker'. Like a wanker, a flog is someone who is full of themselves and makes a point of letting everyone know. However, where a wanker's braggadocio may have some small basis in fact (eg. they say the are the best singer in town and they can actually sing pretty well), a flog's self-image is divorced from reality to a farcical degree (eg. they say the are the best singer in town and they sing completely off-key). A try-hard.

Note: Flog and wank are also synonyms in their more literal usage, as both words mean 'to masterbate'.
Boofa's a total flog - was doin' doughies out front of the cop shop like he was a real tough cunt and then BANG, blew both his rears.
by Some Flog March 28, 2023
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Flogs as people whom don't respect others opinions, plain nasty and rude whom are careless, selfless, unpleasant to be around basically just an inconsiderate human being
Person 1; Harry is such a flog he spilt my apple juice all over my expensive new glass table and floor and didn't even acknowledge his mistake, apologise or offer to replace what belongings he ruined

Person 2; What a flog
by smartypartiiii February 14, 2015
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Talk later bro I’m goin to flog myself
by Snakey27 January 6, 2020
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Synonym of fuck. Often used as a substitute for "fuck" when someone is not in the proper environment to drop the "F-bomb."
"Oh flog me", "What the flog!", "Flog me in the ass!".
Also see flogging floggery floggerologist.
by TheFloggerologist August 3, 2012
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verb. To use Facebook as your blog, providing frequent content updates and fresh spider-bait (not really, but it sounded good), without actually having to put in the time and effort it takes to write a good blog.

noun. The Facebook profile, fan page, or other offering that serves as the lazy man's (or woman's) self-promotion.
I don't have time to blog because I'm too busy writing, so I just use Facebook to flog my updates.
by Lingistic Sorceress January 22, 2011
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To ride your bike extremely fast
My boyfriend had to flog it to get to my job 5 miles away from him under 20 minutes, I love him.
by Dpampohlover July 3, 2022
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