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The word "pawned" is sometimes used for the exaggeration and boasting of a won game of chess. It can also be used by a player with a significantly advantageous position that feels the urge to taunt or aggravate his or her opponent.
I just pawned you with the two move checkmate.

Bobby Fischer pawned Boris Spassky in the Reykjavik World Championship, thus pawning the Soviet Union's domination of world championships.
by darkinformer17 January 03, 2011
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Julia met Drake at a bar, and hooked up with him, knowing that her significant other could not be mad at her, because Drake was her celebrity free pass.
by gingerale011 March 25, 2011
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The word pawned is frequently thought of as a mispelling of pwned or pwnd, and this is likely true. However there is much debate as to the pronunciation of this word. People could have a scientific discussion as to whether to use the vowel cluster "aw" or "ow" however that would waste much time. Since people sound gay when they say "powned", so it is generally accepted as "pawned" and means to own something, but not in a literal sense, such as a prison bitch.
1. I pawned your grandmother last night in a game of strip poker
2. We certainly pawned that blind kid in CS:S
by Turpentine August 31, 2005
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n. pawn

1. Something given as security for a loan; a pledge or guaranty.
2. The condition of being held as a pledge against the payment of a loan: jewels in pawn.
3. A person serving as security; a hostage.
4. The act of pawning.

tr.v. pawned, pawnΒ·ing, pawns

1. To give or deposit (personal property) as security for the payment of money borrowed.
2. To risk; hazard: pawn one's honor.

Those are the proper definitions.

Now for Pawnage itself:

Defined as,
- A chess piece of lowest value that may move forward one square at a time or two squares in the first move, capture other pieces only on a one-space diagonal forward move, and be promoted to any piece other than a king upon reaching the eighth rank.
- A person or an entity used to further the purposes of another

In the second example, we can see how the idea of "Pawnage" can be used as a legitimate meaning behind "Pawned", "Pwned", or otherwise. Those whom you own contribute to your score in games, your social status in person, or whatever else you can apply it to. Thus, you're using someone as a pawn for your overall benefit.
"I went to the Pawn Shop to pawn my jewelery."
"I pawned this guy on CS:S."
"You are actually more elite if you've used pawn instead of pwn for the reasons behind my (the, actually) definition."
by Mr. Omnis August 21, 2005
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Many people attack "pawned" as a misspelling of "pwned", but it has, in fact, become an acceptable spelling. The original origin of the word "pwn" was a typo, probably from a high-speed chat, of the word "own". Think how "the" is now "teh" in traditional l337 internet slang. In any case, looking at the origins of the word "own," one could deduce that it implies some dominance over something or someone. When "own" and "owned" became "pwn", "pwned" and "pwnage", the words came to mean the same thing; dominance and superiority. The new word "pawn" is very simmilar in the sense; its plain definition is to belittle or reduce someone or something to pawn status, essentially, "owning" them.
1. I pawned you! All your bases now belong to us!
2. Drake pawned Dopple in Warcraft III. You cannot stop the Orcish Hordes!
by Drake Christopher Dragon April 13, 2005
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A past-tense variation of the word pwn (see defintion). To have owned or beaten someone, usually in reference to an online gaming experience.
Roserman pawned Nein and Morrow on that last game of Call of Duty.
by Pentarix November 09, 2003
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