An adjective used to describe someone as the combination of the words flighty and flakey.
(can also be used in verb form, "to flit")
That girl is so flitty, always loud and scrambling about, flitting from one thing to the next.
by Mars010 July 01, 2017
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To flick or slap a persons nipples/tits.
Shut up before I give you a flittie.
by s-Master April 25, 2011
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when a female or male have tits so big and saggy they have shoe prints on them
holy crap that chix flitties are huge she has carpet burn on her nipples
by iDONTknowNOTchad December 02, 2003
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The M. Night Shyamalan version of Finding Nemo where the plot twist has you all fucked up....
Last thing I remember was I was drinking on a boat and slipped. You telling me its been 2 years and I've imagined the whole Finding Flitti thing? Who did I send all those pictures too?
by Bougee77 July 06, 2019
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