(n) what one gets on one's knees or elbows after or during sex on the carpet.
Her boyfriend asked for some lotion to put on his knees which had been carpet burned from their sexual tryst.
by BlackGoddess December 12, 2003
What you get around your lips, and sometimes on your face, after eating way too much hair pie
I ate Donna's wookie patch for two hours, and i got carpet burn on my face!
by Hugh G Rection January 3, 2006
a rough burn you get on knees and elbows after ahving a rampant sex session on all fours, usually a wmoan has the elbow burns to, if a guy has them worry!
damn thats the last time you take me up the ass! these carpet burns hurt like a bastard
by SadoQueen March 21, 2004
It is when a man's penis gets a burn on it because the women's Twat is so hairy and nappy(mostly found on black women)
Damn, that bitch gave me carpet burn last night
by Tok Kim April 2, 2004
A bruise/wound that develops after having intensive sex on a carpet. Usually on the back, knees or elbows.
I'm getting carpet burn on my back. Quick, flip me over said Charlotte.
by M.K.Sam July 29, 2009
brush burns a male or female receives on their knees, back, or face, from being fucked or fucking on a carpet floor.
did, you see Bills wife's carpet burns on her knees, and face? Yes she must have been ridden hard by her bull last night. But Bill was out of town? Exactly!
by oralb69 July 25, 2008
A painful red mark on the skin after friction against a carpet flooring
I always get a "Carpet Burn" when I try to practice my B-boy dance moves at home
by Dj Ghost of LOZ July 25, 2011