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A word meaning 'cool' and 'awesome' created by the character 'Guy' in the movie "Never Been Kissed"
Whoa, the dance theme is so rufus!!
by Muaha February 08, 2005
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Is a person within a project that is responsible for finding, analysing and then utilising random factors that surround the project.
We're building a lemonade stand and David saw a kitten. He used it as a marketing tool to attract more people. He is such an R.U.F.U.S.
by area300 February 28, 2018
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The 13th Apostle left out of the bible for being a black man.
Why was i left out of the bible? BECAUSE I'M BLACK! All the other 12 white boys got in.
by RP July 07, 2004
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a partially smoked bowl of marijuana, usually found later by the same smoker
"I was about to repack the bowl, but it was still rufus"
by Rufus Caliente January 01, 2008
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A slang word used in the movie, "Never Been Kissed," created by a character, Guy, which refers to anything cool.
Friend: "That's rufalicious!"
Guy: "No, it's just rufus. It's not a gum."
by xmascarroll July 13, 2005
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