The nervous need to change things alot or the opposite of stable.
she is really flighty and always changes her mind....
by fuzzyjess August 31, 2007
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someone who moves from one person to the next
after getting out of a serious relationship people can become flighty
by Baeddon July 25, 2005
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A polite way of describing someone who is bat shit crazy
"She's just flighty!"
"You mean she's bat-shit crazy?!"
by Tanpeel March 04, 2010
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1. Flighty Broad: a female who is irresponsible, fickle, not sound of mind, slow, or frankly just rude and/or ignorant.

2. a woman who is unfaithful and/or sleeps around.
synonymous with: slut.

though can be used interchangeably with whore, a flighty broad is generally smarter and has more respect for herself and her body (should the term be used in the same context as "whore").
I'm not in to those LA girls, most of them are flighty broads
Becca is such a flighty broad. She's dumb as they come!
by Kenshen38 April 20, 2019
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A Very Promiscuous Woman Who's Head Is In The Clouds So Much She Goes Thru 5+ Boyfriends In Less Than A Week
That girl is such a flighty bitch, she even played my brother out.
by Jacob Wright January 21, 2008
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A diseased duck with epilepsy. It is very retarted with frog legs. If you name any business after this it will suffer the consequences. The business will last 3 week before it goes out of business. this duck has issues and if your name is Josh Kenny, Nevill or Will Balke you will die soon. :>
by Orsalto March 25, 2018
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