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A woman (or in some cases, men) who wear flop flops with nearly everything in their wardrobe, regardless of any event. Usually, the subject is poor and is in search of a relationship with someone who has money. Subject may dress nice from the ankles up, but wears flip flops to the point where you can see the imprint of their foot in the flip flop. Invented by "CC" Charlie Cook.
Damn, Boo! How do you expect to catch a man if you're always wearing those flip flops? You wore those to church last Sunday. You a flip flop bitch!!
by MJ Wright April 02, 2008
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A flip flop bitch is a girl who is usually desperate as hell, and flip flops to dude after dude. Usually has a new nigga every other day of the week!
Friend #1: That girl has a different boyfriend every other day.
Friend #2: Yeah, she a flip flop bitch
Friend #1: Rightttt, cuz she flip floppin nigga's left and right!!
Friend #2: Girl, byeee
by Main Chick September 22, 2014
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A flip flop bitch is someone who likes to change up they story.
" Age doesn't define maturity. "
Now they have problems with someone so they tell them to "act their age". Now that girl is being a flip flop bitch.
by lit.pyt September 02, 2016
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