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Flop is synonymous to Akshay Kumar.
Akshay Kumar holds the record of maximum number of 80 Flops. Hence he is the perfect definition of flop.
When akshay kumar born, bollywood said 'yeh dekho flop hua hai'
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The Nussy, or the โ€œnose pussyโ€, if you will, was discovered during the corona virus pandemic of 2020. People that had to be tested for Covid-19 had to have their nose swabbed right where the brain connects, which often led to people rolling back their eyes and gagging.

A nose-swab-fetish developed from this, because we, as humans, ruin everything.
โ€œOh fuck yeah, swab my nussyโ€

Sir, please, I went to medical school

by Pogoextreme December 25, 2020
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When someone bails on you at the last minute.
"I can't believe she flopped on me."
by J.C August 09, 2005
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when a basketball player falls unnecessarily, after little or no contact
Wow, there goes Manu again, flopping after no contact
by getsomemeng May 03, 2010
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to cancel plans with your friends, family, bf/gf at the last minute
we were supposed to go to see a movie, but he flopped on me
by youpooohead September 06, 2006
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When you fake a foul that is clearly over exaggerated in order to gain an advantage.

Or The Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Clippers.....
Ref- *whistle* Offensive foul on the Knicks!

Lebron- Yo, thanks ref, i thought i broke something on that play.

Tyson Chandler- Flop! I barely touched him!!

Ref- Technical foul on the knicks for arguing a call!

*Next Play Lebron dunks on 2 of the knicks players*

Ref- Defensive Foul! And one!!!
by realllllllllllllll May 14, 2012
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