A substance added to street drugs to increase the weight of the product, allowing more profit to be made, but in return, usually taking away from the drug's original potency and lowering it's side effects.
"He used too much flex. I didn't even get high."
by Nah Uh June 28, 2015
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What Mike Vick does to people.
Vick was about to flex on dat fool till he got his wheel all broke up.
by DirkOut August 25, 2003
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to spread open a girl's legs so u can give her the business
girl flex ... time to have sex
by pepperoni1029 August 02, 2009
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1) (noun); How one 'rolls'.

This can be loosely used to describe a mood, situation or routine behaviour (usually social).

2) (verb); to act out these behaviours or moods.
This is often associated with (but not limited to) exhibiting dominance in prowess of either physical strength (e.g. muscle size by FLEXING your arms) or cultural knowledge - namely dressing and dancing to impress and demonstrating a superior capability of use of language.

This is usually a playful display and is a part of innocent courtship, although it can be taken to mean a more sinister and aggressive stance.
1) "I was ballin all evening with my homies until we hit the club flex to find some fly bitches"


"That mad cat was on a mental flex, kicking off at blokes in the street if they so much as looked at him"


"The author of this article was on a bored flex at the time of writing"

2)"I was flexing with this chick till her man comes along and drags her off"


"I like to flex when I've had a sip or two of yak"


"What you flexing for?"
by Gobi-alu March 11, 2010
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To make a statement. To clearly express yourself. Or to threaten in a verbal way, more so than in a physical way.
Oh you wanna FLEX? O.K., step outside I'll show you what's up!
by Ruz May 09, 2003
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The ability to reason with people on issues instead of always being known for a certain response
Avon Barksdale showed no flex when it came down to dealing with Marlo
by RIP Bodie February 18, 2007
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1. The preliminary acts to beating someone's ass.
A flex occurs when a trick ass mark is being a silly bitch and he/she recieves the big show.
That mark ass trick just scuffed my shoes, I'm about to flex his bitch ass.
A primary subject of recieving flexxing would be Alain P. because that dumb beaner is always running his mouf.
by Jason P. November 07, 2006
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