Used in Call of Duty Zombies games where the players runs circles around zombies to collect a large mass of them. Can be used as a verb or a noun.

Also known as training or herding
"Im gonna run the skullcrusher flex"
"Im flexing in the diner"
"Don't fuck up my flex man, you're gonna kill me!"
by dance4lyfe_ December 10, 2012
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short for flexible, also can mean easy going, or down for whatever.
"Baby you want to go out tonight or stay in?" he asks. "I'm flex," she replies.
by BellaBelle June 28, 2012
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A dance, popular with go-go music.
A son you hear that new impressions, I'm about to do the runnin man

boy that's dead, you betta get'ta flexin
by B11, your info. source May 15, 2010
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To dance, generally in the form of a man and woman with the woman's buttocks grinding against the man's genital area.
Pull dat gyal dey and take a lil flex na boy
by trinichic11 August 06, 2009
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a common term in 4 x 4 driving slang for articulation
to drive up onto an object that causes one wheel to lift higher than the rest, causing the spring to compress and the oppisite hand rear to decompress, mostly referred to when 4 wheel driving or 4 wheel drives as you have to drive over obstacles.
also mainly happens on coil spring as leaf spring is rubbish
i said to spud, hey check that out for FLEX, geez shank dogg has his madprk on a monnas angle goin up the FLEX ramp
by narns January 20, 2008
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to handle something physically (referring to a fight or confrontation)
friend one: i can't believe that bia was dissin' me and mine like that
friend two: don't worry blood, you'll get your chance to flex with that chump
by tha professor November 19, 2003
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