The act of bragging about money-related things, such as about how much money you have, or about expensive possessions like designer clothing. Often done by young kids and DoucheTubers.
I hate this YouTuber, because all he does is just keep flexing on his fans and then call itcomedy”.
by nlolhere March 24, 2020
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To show off all of your shit to people or to act out for attention.
The man was flexing while doing tricks on his bike.
by hå₥ßµrgêr October 20, 2020
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Showing interest in something someone else has as if you want it for yourself.
by robblue6412 August 4, 2010
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Used when describing something or someone that is just 'there' looking good doing absolutly nothing.
"That doe is just sat the flexing."
by B Oldroyd November 7, 2005
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The act of being better than everyone else for a certain period of time. Can only take place on specific days according to ones work schedule. You are not allowed to flex on anything shorter than a 3 day. If it's a 3 day or longer you can flex but not on the first or last day the first day is to warm up the flex and the last is to cool down after flexing on everyone.
Bro I'm not trying to flex on this two day.

Flexing is secured

It's the middle of a three day, flexing unsecured.
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A desperate attempt to win an argument. Something that one person accuses another of doing when the accused person makes a salient point that the accuser cannot refute.
Bob just made a bunch of good points, but he can't be right. He must be flexing.
by azzrancor September 5, 2012
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When a man tries to tie down a well paid lady by getting her pregnant and tricking her into marriage to upgrade their journey on the gravy train from a season pass to a lifetime pass.
(Barman phones friend)

Barman: Yo Kristof Duttonivich, there’s some single girl here who’s just paid for a round of drinks using her platinum American Express card, she must be minted, I thought you might be up for some flexing!

Friend: yeah man! Let me just finish my scoff, and I’ll be down to full flex on that!
by Knobjockey1989 December 6, 2018
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