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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
by Phaedrus331 February 12, 2021
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Adjective: To stunt or show off used by many rappers in various songs.
I ain't gotta flex, boy I got it, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh - Rich Homie Quan
by TrapKingzofIslip July 16, 2015
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To purposely brag, or show off something you have. Mostly money or diamonds.
Man 1: I got deez diamond rings, and all this money.
Man 2: Yo, who the fuck do you think your flexing on.
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by Pinkberry569k January 28, 2019
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As far as urban slang, the definition is "to show off." Used by many rappers, most notable Ice Cube and the Geto Boys. Originated in the urban community, and has been used for quite some time.
" flexin', didn't even look in the nearest direction as I ran the intersection. (This is said because Ice is trying to get away from some people who tried to kill him the other day In the song, of course)" -Ice Cube, "It Was a Good Day"
by The Boston Rag February 27, 2005
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person 1: "im so dedicated to football, I just smashed out a great training sesh im so good. like the academy just made me pro u should've seen me repping the goals at training today . plus my brows r on fleek today. also did u know also there's a town in Germany called Burmeister."

person 2: "geez that guy is such a flexer, I bet his name is jai"
by personwhoknowsalot March 30, 2020
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