Latin female name meaning “blonde”. It was also the name of a gens (=family) of roman emperors, who ruled Rome (and it’s empire) from 69 to 96 after Christ.
Girls named after this family usually have the mind of queens; they’re really self-conscious and strong at a first sight, but inside their suit of armour they hide a warm and passionate heart.
Boys have to be careful while approaching a Flavia: if, fascinated by her charms, they begin too slave-like their approach, they won’t get than disregard or, worse, contempt; while if to bold, they’ll be broken in small, small pieces.
The best thing may be what one’s, and hope that would be enough to get a Flavia.

<<The first dynasty Flavia was one of the dynasties of the Roman Empire.>>

GUY 1:<<I don't think you'll ever get a Flavia, dear. You simply can't afford it.>>
GUY 2: (sighs)
by Dorian Pink April 26, 2009
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A sweet, funny girl who will lift you off your feet. She has gorgeous eyes, and a smile that will light up your world. Flavias never let you down, and will make you feel better when you're feeling low. They can dance like no other, and their voices sound like angels. If you ever meet a Flavia, never let her go, because without her your life will never be the same.
"OMG, Flavia is the hawtest girl EVER! I'm so jealous."
by Lemonade229 April 09, 2012
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Flavia is the most amazing friend u can ever meet. She’s so talented and she can dance like no one else flavia will listen to your rants about anything at all. If you meet a flavia never let her slip buy cause she is the best friend u will ever have
Flavia is the best dancer/friend in the world
by Jdbejdvksbdn October 16, 2019
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An extremly cute girl. She's the most funniest and cutest person possible. If u don't have a Flavia in ur life, then ur life is boring. So get a Flavia faster 💅
A: Omg is that a Flavia?
B: Yeah
A: Oh my god, your so lucky!
by 4ri4n45 June 06, 2020
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Dude did you try that sauce?
yeah its gangsta.
by lawliet896 August 27, 2008
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The world's most expensive but worst tasting commercial instant coffee/tea brewer machines ever created, by Mars Inc. Usually found in large offices in an attempt to look tredy.
Employee: Yo boss, I tried Flavia Smooth Roast, Flavia Arabic, Flavia Italia, Flavia Hazelnut, Flavia Decaffe, Flavia Choco, Flavia English Breakfast, Flavia Earl Grey, Flavia Darjeeling and Flavia Green Tea Filterpacks... and they all taste like shit!

Employer: You're fired.

Employee: And why the hell did you spend $1000 on the S350 model. Fucking buy the Espresso Roast and Creamy Topping Filterpacks for Cuppuchino mix you stupid fuck face!

Employer: (Phoning Security)
by Zopal August 14, 2005
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The one who will say they'll watch a tv show with you but then ditches you last minute to go to Walmart.
Person A: "Pretty LIttle Liars is on in 5 min!"
Flavia: "Well... I need to go to Walmart now...Bye!"
by ohhhhheythere August 22, 2012
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