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British urban. Ra (pronounced raaaaaaaaaa) means the sames a 'wow' or to express oneself with surprise. Usually follows after the end of a comment (see example).
You ate all those biscuits? Ra.
by Zopal January 12, 2004

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The only download program that gives you the exact copy of the original application/movie/game you are downloading from.

Unlike Kazaa, what you click is what you get.

BitTorrent and Suprnova are best friends.
Download and burn a complete DVD with BitTorrent if you are a cheapskate.
by Zopal March 20, 2004

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A person who is not afraid of saying Lord of the Rings, The Matrix and Star Wars trilogies are mediocre.
My name is Zopal.
by Zopal March 02, 2004

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American 'wannabe' gangster slang translating to 'person in my gang' or 'gang member'. Also a word that no other country except America will use thats why we cringe when we hear it in the movies/TV.
I'm hanging with my homeys/homies.
by Zopal July 18, 2003

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The world's most expensive but worst tasting commercial instant coffee/tea brewer machines ever created, by Mars Inc. Usually found in large offices in an attempt to look tredy.
Employee: Yo boss, I tried Flavia Smooth Roast, Flavia Arabic, Flavia Italia, Flavia Hazelnut, Flavia Decaffe, Flavia Choco, Flavia English Breakfast, Flavia Earl Grey, Flavia Darjeeling and Flavia Green Tea Filterpacks... and they all taste like shit!

Employer: You're fired.

Employee: And why the hell did you spend $1000 on the S350 model. Fucking buy the Espresso Roast and Creamy Topping Filterpacks for Cuppuchino mix you stupid fuck face!

Employer: (Phoning Security)
by Zopal August 14, 2005

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Tiger Woods' religion.
#1: Is Tiger religous?
#2: Yeah, he's a Nike.
#1: WTF!?
by Zopal August 07, 2005

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