Thin person wearing flashy pimp clothing
Tim came down to the club looking like a flashlight
by Xanaty February 11, 2005
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a light that can be stuck up yo best friends (daniel Gombrich)ass and they pop a boner, and smile. All this is done while they are sleeping
flashlight, maglight
by rishman027 October 22, 2008
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when a girls nipples are hard, it can be a guy if u like to notice mens nipples
trey that girl has her flash light on hahaha....ya because of me duh steve
by trey. June 27, 2005
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When it's dark outside and the blunt you're smoking shines bright and the embers glowing make it look like a flashlight
That L lowkey looks like a flashlight in the dark.
by swaggyquackyy August 03, 2017
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A small portable light that is used to see behind things and when the power goes out.
We better go buy a flashlight.
by David March 07, 2004
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