A cold beverage usually consisting of vodka.
Bartender: Hi, what can I get you guys?

Patron: 3 crispers please
by Caseman1000 March 29, 2015
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It's like an Upper Decker, but you drop a deuce in the vegetable drawer of someone's refrigerator.
I hated that party, so I dropped a crisper before I left.
by Ci Vuole April 09, 2014
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A Tight gang who feasts off of rice crispy’s and they logo is a snake
Wow dude I got excepted to the Crisper Gang
by Crisper Gang January 13, 2018
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Flamethrowers equipped to sides of South African cars to prevent theft.
Okonkwo tried to steal a car and ran into a nigger crisper. That nigger got crisped.
by NiggaPleez September 05, 2006
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the bottom drawer in a refrigerator used as the main place to store beer.
who the hell needs a whole drawer for celery and pears? my bud light seems to work better in the beer crisper.
by Stephan Martinez February 18, 2009
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This is when someone gets so drunk they think other household areas are the toilet
Dude #1 - "Why does the fridge smell like shit?"
Dude #2 - "Ohhhh man Dave was so wasted he shit in the crisper!"
Dude #1 - "Nasssssssty!"
by Kuk da Ruk August 20, 2009
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