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To get caught by the police.
While driving down the wrong way at TSU's homecoming, Torrian got flapped.
by Candy November 16, 2003
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to back out, to wimp out, to pull out, to skank, to not do something for whatever reason
me: couldnt she be bothered to drive?
you: dont know, she just flapped it;

he was going to fight with next man down the pub, but flapped it and ran off;
by Majic Mayhem July 21, 2006
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When you fail at something or something goes wrong, used mainly in the North West of England.

Can be exaggerated to flapped everywhere.
Example 1:

Dave: "Can I roll a joint?"

Tom: "Nah, you're just gonna flap it like last time"

Example 2:

Jay: "I was trying to get into that girl but her fella came over and I flapped it everywhere"
by FlappedJoint March 03, 2012
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