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Torrian's are a feral class of human beings (raised by maggots) residing in Torry, Aberdeen. These forest lurkers are best not approached unprotected. Easily recognisable by their high pitched voices and strange language consisting of sounds not of an unferal background, possibly a combination of the Aberdeen language and the maggots native tongue that raised them. Most often Emoish in nature, a Torrian is a very sensitive mammal which if approached from the wrong angle will immediately start to self harm in its defense to scare you away. Torrians will also pull the victim card as miuch as possible using phrases such as "you're a bully" and "you're mean" far too often.

Torrians can also be confused with Heroine addicts - it's not their faults
Wow John you look like shit you remind me of a proper Torrian

"I'm Frae Torry, Torry Massive BooYA!"
An anonymous quote from a famous Torrian
by Ldm2015 September 24, 2012
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