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A state of shakiness a rider experiences while hitting a high speed on a board typically accompanied by an adrenaline rush and/or a state of panic.
Dude: Dude, bro, I would have totally stuck that turn but I got the speed wobbles half way down the hill and I knew it was time to bail!
Dude, bro: Poser...
by Molly C August 22, 2006
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A pub that serves brews (typically ales and lagers) made in-house. Not to be confused with a microbrewery, which brews and distributes, but does not neccessarily serve in-house.
Local brews made in-house and only served in-house are from a brew pub.
New Belgium Brewery is a microbrewery that distributes brews nationally.
by Molly C August 22, 2006
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An idealistic mountain town with incredible views of the San Francisco Peaks and unrealistic optimism stemming from the 15,000+ college students at the state university. Many trustafarian, second-home buyers, mountain bikers and winter lovers. Great place for an outdoor vacation or a pint from one of three brew pubs.
Mary: But I hate Phoenix, it's so hot and full of traffic.
John: Let's try Flagstaff! We can wear jeans during the day, sweaters at night and ride our bicycles to and fro!
by Molly C August 18, 2006
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A devoted fan of the southern, blues, rock and rhythm band Widespread Panic. This flip-flop wearing person typically grasps the exemplary sound and contagious vibe of good energy promoted, sought after and achieved by the players in the band. Although many fans come off as dopers who have only passion in life - the Panic - they are a diverse group of music lovers out to have a blow-out good time and leave with memories of living it up right.

Regardless of their attire, language and private lives, when a spreadhead goes to a Panic show, he or she becomes one of many and reveres the warmth of anonymity and unquestioned unity. Often a spreadhead will perform worship rituals and close his or her eyes while swaying to and fro.
Spreadhead #1: "Man, when I heard Walking at Red Rocks in '93 I almost crapped my pants and then I proposed to my now wife right there and then."

Spreadhead #2: "Yeah, bro, I tripped harder than I ever will again when I saw Mikey play Airplane for the last time. And you know what, man? I didn't even take any drugs..."

Panic show virgin: "I'm sorry guys, but this is my first Panic show and your contest vying for the most devoted fan is keeping me from enjoying it."

Spreadheads: "Whoa, sorry babe. Rock on, Schools!"
by Molly C October 20, 2007
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A microbrew loses its exclusive status when bought out by large corporately funded breweries or it is distributed nationally.
New Belgium Brewing Company used to make microbrews but since becoming a widely popular beer company its brews have changed status and become premium (American) domestic beers.
by Molly C October 20, 2007
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